Endodontic procedures involve treatment of the inner tissues of your teeth, such as your nerves or teeth pulp. You may need to opt for endodontic treatment in case of severe decay in your dental pulp. You may also need to visit our clinic upon experiencing any other problem in these areas. 

We will examine your mouth and treat it with endodontic procedures like root canal therapy, apicoectomy, etc. 

What Are the Common Endodontic Procedures? 

  • Root Canal 

This is the most popular endodontic procedure. We perform a root canal treatment when the decay has reached inside your tooth pulp and nerves and damaged them severely. Many factors may lead to tooth decay like poor oral hygiene, consumption of sugary and sticky foods, not opting for dental cleanings, etc. The procedure saves your teeth from extraction and further infection. 

During the appointment, we will numb the site of the treatment so that you do not feel pain or discomfort. We will then make an incision in your decayed teeth and remove all the infection and decay. After this, we will clean your teeth thoroughly and seal them with dental material. Depending on your case, we may also use dental crowns to seal the area and to improve the functionality of your teeth. Ensure to practice regular dental care to keep further infections at bay. 

  • Apicoectomy 

If root canal therapy doesn’t solve your problem, we may treat your condition with an apicoectomy. This procedure involves removing the tip of your tooth root and then sealing it to protect it from further damage or infection. We may also make a small incision in your gum to access your tooth root. Just like root canal therapy, apicoectomy also involves administering anesthesia to numb the site of the surgery. 

  • Cracked Teeth Treatment 

Endodontic procedures also involve the treatment of your cracked teeth. We may carry out different types of treatments, depending upon the severity of your condition. Cracked teeth can range from fractured cusps, a vertical root fracture, craze lines, split tooth, or actual crack in your teeth. 

It is essential to address your cracked teeth to save them from damage or extraction and improve their functionality. We can perform the procedures such as dental fillings, dental crowns, endodontic surgery, etc. If the crack is too deep to restore, we may have to extract your damaged teeth.

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